Thomas Szasz: Psychiatry and the Therapeutic State

May 31, 2009

When he published The Myth of Mental Illness in 1961, Thomas Szasz launched the first salvo in what would become a lifelong criticism of psychiatry and what he has referred to as the “therapeutic state.”  And with the recent publication of his new book, Psychiatry: The Science of Lies, Dr. Szasz demonstrates that he has not wavered a bit from his views that human behaviors are miscategorized as “mental diseases” and that psychiatry “medicalizes” human conditions and practices coercion under the guise of treatment.

In this podcast, we get a chance to hear from Dr. Szasz himself on a variety of topics including the nature of mental illness, the history of medicalizing non diseases, and the emerging political and social forces that are currently shaping our healthcare system.  Join us in this fascinating discussion where Dr. Szasz reflects upon the impact he has made on the field of psychiatry and on the legacy he hopes to have established.