Kamilla Miskowiak: Erythropoietin – A New Compound for Depression?

February 25, 2011

Erythropoetin, or Epo, is naturally produced hormone that controls red blood cell production. It is available as a prescription therapeutic agent to treat anemia resulting from chronic kidney disease and chemotherapy. Epo has also been used off label as a blood doping agent among competitive sports professionals due to its ability to enhance oxygen carrying capacity.

What’s lesser publicized about Epo, however, is that it also appears to promote neuroplasticity, or the ability of the brain to repair and maintain neurons. And some of the newest and most exciting research in this area deals with the role of Epo in cognitive functioning and mood disorders, such as clinical depression.

In this podcast, we are delighted to feature Dr. Kamilla Miskowiak, one of the scientists on the forefront of Epo research and its potential use as an antidepressant therapy. Be sure to join us as we talk about these new developments and how they might impact the future treatment of mood disorders.