Jeffrey Zacks: Predicative Perception – How Event Segmentation Shapes Memory and Learning

September 27, 2011

When we think about our “stream of consciousness,” we don’t really look at it as having any particular order or structure. But according to recent research in this field, we’re constantly making micro-predictions about our immediate environment within this perceptual stream though a very active brain process known as event segmentation. And this event segmentation is critical towards guiding our behavior, our learning, and even our language processing.

In this podcast, we speak with Dr. Jeffrey Zacks, Associate Professor and Director of the Dynamic Cognition Laboratory at Washington University. Using both behavioral experimentation and functional neuroimaging studies, Dr. Zacks and his team are conducting some of most advanced studies of the mid-brain dopamine system in an effort to determine how our brains segment events – and how this allows us to shape our short-term futures