Emily Keshner: Virtual Reality and Rehabilitation

September 6, 2007

Whenever the topic of virtual reality comes up, we tend to automatically think of video games or science fiction movies. But separate from all this hype and fantasy are dedicated scientists who are using virtual reality applications to enhance the lives of people suffering from a wide array of neurological ailments. And the key factor driving this interest in virtual reality lies in the fact that virtual reality is much more than merely a visual phenomenon.

In this program we speak with Dr. Emily Keshner, Professor and Chair, Department of Physical Therapy and Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Temple University. Dr. Keshner is leading research at the state-of-the-art Virtual Reality and Postural Orientation Laboratory that examines how virtual reality influences both the visual and vestibular systems in human beings – and how these two systems are inextricably linked to each other.

Join us for a fascinating discussion of virtual reality and how this dynamic visual environment is proving to be an indispensable rehabilitation tool for patients with all types of neurological disorders that affect both balance and posture in humans.