Karen Wager-Smith: Stress, Inflammation, and Depression

October 31, 2010

Studies going back to 1990 have indicated a potential connection between inflammation and clinical depression in humans. But there is still a substantial degree of debate within both the medical and research communities on the overall impact of inflammation as a either a causal or contributing factor to this disorder. However, a recently published theoretical model might reconcile the various biomedical theories of depression and perhaps even incorporate the sociological and psychoanalytic paradigms.

In this podcast, we speak with Dr. Karen Wager-Smith who, along with her colleague Dr. Athina Markou, detailed their new theory of the pathophysiology of depression in the most recent edition of the journal, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews.

Be sure to join us as we discuss the role of stress and inflammation in the human depressive response and how the resulting “neural remodeling” might be the key factor explaining the disorder.