Julia Mossbridge: The Neuroscience of Psi Perception

January 3, 2009

Very few areas of psychology generate such high levels of both excitement and skepticism as the study of anomalous perception, or “psi” phenomena. And given how hype and speculation of psi phenomena have often taken the place of serious scientific examination, the skeptics are certainly justified in their criticisms. Nevertheless, there are a few scientists who are willing to brave this area of research in an attempt to critically examine whether or not psi phenomena are measurable – or perhaps even learnable.

In this podcast, we speak with Dr. Julia Mossbridge, a Visiting Scholar at the Visual Perception, Cognition, and Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University. Dr. Mossbridge is currently examining psi phenomena from a perceptual neuroscience approach and attempting to identify types that can actually be measured and quantified.

Join us as we review the current research in this field and discuss the areas of psi phenomena that show the most potential.