Nikolai Shevchuk: Cold Water and Mood Enhancement

January 10, 2008

Hydrotherapy, or the medicinal use of water, has long been utilized by both traditional and alternative medicine to treat a variety of physical ailments. However, recent scientific studies have suggested that cold water therapies might be effective in the treatment of mood disorders such as depression – and that there might actually be an evolutionary basis to this.

In this program, we speak with Dr. Nikolai Shevchuk, author of the November 2007 study, Adapted Cold Shower as a Potential Treatment for Depression. Dr. Shevchuk’s work has been instrumental in identifying and explaining how cold temperatures activate specific areas of the brain that appear to be involved with the regulation of mood in humans.

Join us as we explore the hard science of cold water therapy and examine how our current “ambient temperature” lifestyle might potentially be a factor in our mood states.